Choices and Change

Losing you 

Was one of the hardest things

I will ever know 

Now I see that it was preparing 

Me for one of the most pivotal moments 

Of my existence 

My resistance to change continues 

To thwart my growth 

With you 

I was stuck but unable to let go 

Frozen in place with fear of the unknown 

I see SO many parallels between my love with you 

And my addiction 

Let me create a clear depiction 

No wishin’ 

on stars for me

Just blood sweat and tears 

Is the reality 

Of what waits in store. 

What I learned from us? 

That sometimes you have to hurt first, to heal

Trust – the process


You were able to make that decision for us , then 

With my addiction I am the ONLY one who can make the right choice 


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