Broken Bones

I was broken 

I healed wrong 

Like a bone 

Unable to reach my full potential

Incapable of fully extending 

Aching for the loss of motion 

The knowledge that what was once there 



But all along I faught to remain 

Pain free 

I found a crutch, he was my crutch

That I thought I couldn’t live without. 

In a constant panic at the idea that I would lose the only thing 

I thought keeping me sane, 

The inane thing 

Was that it was what was making my brain 

So intensely unhappy.

I didn’t know that i had to experience the pain 

And let the bone be broken again 

In order for it to heal properly! 

This process enabling me

To be the best possible version of myself 

Like pulling teeth I fought the idea of being uncomfortable  

Refusing to look past it to the gain 

And I remained: 


Be willing to experience discomfort. 

So that you can experience the joy and satisfaction that the growth will give

That is how I regained my desire to live.

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