Breathing Truth

When I tell the truth

The slippery slope upon which I slide

Becomes slightly more stable

When I tell the truth –

Shame shies away

Shame cannot share the same space

For it is not accustomed to being faced

When I tell the truth!

I feel fear froth at the mouth

It swells and receds

Fear is fed by how I perceive

The things that life presents

When I tell the truth ….

Life doesn’t just unfold itself into a red carpet

Upon which I can stroll

But every truth that I face

Does make me grow

Lies strangle my lungs in knots

Truth untangles

It is sought

With every heave of my chest

Every b r e a t h e

Inhale truth

Exhale shame

Inhale truth

Exhale fear

Inhale truth

Exhale pain

Inhale truth and…

Begin a g a i n

2 thoughts on “Breathing Truth”

  1. Nelly Sinclair says:

    Thanks for commenting, Erika. This is a poem to hang onto. Especially the ending, like you say.

    1. Discord says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback. As someone once told me, the truth will always come out!

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