Breadcrumbs of Possibility

Ah, the sound of closure 

A door closing 


As this chapter ends 

And another one begins. 

Begin again 

But don’t forget 

The lessons you gathered along away 

Leaving a trail behind 

But also creating 

A line in front 

A guide 

To help you through 


Leading the way 

Stay grounded 

In the moment 

Your future is founded 

In your ability to accept 

Let go 

There is no regret 

on this path less travelled 

But only forgiveness and hope

Marry yourself to the struggle 


with your will to fight 

Commit to only promote love and light 

Breathe out in relief 

An escaping sigh 

And prepare yourself 

To wine and dine 

The idea 

Of a better you

And a fulfilling 

Happy, life 

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