Body Image VS Body Purpose

There is an impossible standard

In our society today – and

I have had enough

Of not measuring up.

As a woman

I am supposed to be nurturing,

Submissive, and sweet

I must be able to keep

A man satisfied

But God forbid

I embrace MY sexuality

For MY own purpose and pleasure

Despite all of this

My body continues to weather

My storms –

My heart still beats

just beneath my skin

It IS thin perhaps – but it serves its purpose

My blood vessels reach

Like dainty blue branches

I have received many second chances –


My lungs can fill & inflate

With oxygen

I may have bloomed late

But praise God that I can bloom at all

My feet are wide

But they anchor me to the ground

I have found

Purpose for my body

It exists for me and me alone

It is the place that my heart & soul

Call home.

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