Becoming A Woman

I watched you unfurl 

Before me 

A flower 

Who’s petals uncurl 

Opening towards the sun 

You have bloomed 

In front of my very eyes 

You do not fail to surprise 

Me again and again 

You have been stomped on 

And refused water 

I have seen you sadden and wilt 

Even as you droop 

You refuse to go under 

Your will to go on 

Cannot be smothered 

You were a girl when our souls first 

Learned to dance together 

Your jacket was leather 

And your eyes thickly ringed in black 

You carried your tragedies with you like perfume 

And had the tendency to attract the attention of any passing by 

You took your desires and willed them to life 

A baby, an apartment, and then you were a wife! 

I watched how you grew and changed 

Your edges got softer and you soft parts grew armour 

Your heart tottered around on two chubby legs 

And cried as if the world was ending when you took something that might hurt her 

You became a women 

Strong And fierce 

Capable of endless feelings 

And breaking a thousand times over 

But always healing.

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