Beauty From Sadness

There is a spot that is raised and rough

With overgrown flesh,

A mound where the scar tissue tried to heal

The whole that he left,

When it all fell apart.

This sore spot in my heart.

You would think i would avoid it like the plague

But I find myself drawn to this fresh tomb

This place that marks when our relationship died.

It’s all that is left –

As ugly as it is,

It wasn’t always so grim.

It was once filled up with all the love I had for him,

So much love, SO much LOVE

That a life was created,

Not once, but twice.

For that I would GLADLY pay the price.

These lives as they grow

They spread seed on the spot where it hurts.

Grass starts to grow as the flesh turns to dirt,

Two flowers burst through,

They are perfection itself.

It still aches in the night

When he enters my dreams

But there is so much more beauty in this sadness

Then I ever thought there would be.

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