Baggage Claim

All my scars were old 

They still crisscrossed my arms 

But they were faded 

And clearly from another time 

But rewind 

Let’s go back and find 

The source of the madness 

The kinda of self hatred bordering on narcissism 

Is that a thing? 

To obsess over ones self negatively 

But with so much detail and commitment 

That it’s almost a compliment really 

So yes let’s unpack 

This baggage 

So many suitcases lining the walls

covering my floors, 

Insulating my fucking halls.

There are tags on each suitcase 

Names and dates 

Different provinces and states 

So bittersweet the passage of time. 

Where are you coming from and where 

Are you headed? 

What do you long for and what can you do instead of? 

I want to cremate every suitcase 

And scatter the ashes in the wind 

Purify my soul of any sin 

And be free…..

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