Back To The Beginning

I wrote this poem in 2015 before single motherhood & my deep spiral into depression & addiction. It is so meaningful to me, as it speaks of my hope for myself and I can see now how applying these words truly changed my life

Fear of Failure

Trapped in a crimson

Prison of regret.

Running from the past

Unable to except the way life unfurled,

Angry at the world –

L e t G o

Failure is only the beginning of success

You cant create a masterpiece without first making a mess


That you are only human.

Choose to believe

That there is more to you

Than you had thought

Have the strength to stand up

To press on

Be inspired!

Let your anger fuel the fire

Feed your desire

To be more To be heard

To mean more To be seen

Let these words be your release

To unlock the chains and set you free

Create a bilboard of yourself

That shouts to the world

Where you are going

Where you have been

Make your belief like rock or granite

Forming a foundation around you



Because whether you are losing or winning

Belief in yourself is only the beginning

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