Back In The Saddle Again

Brush off the dust 

Back in the saddle again 

This battle that I’m fighting 

Is not over 

Until I stop trying 

Start hiding 

And give in 

The liquor calls my name 

The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard 

And I whisper the lyrics in my sleep 

And the tears I weep 

Are 60 proof 

Are my bleeding gums 

Proof enough for you 

That this is a love story that I will not 


Has a happy end

This battle was lost 


But the war is not over 

You see 

And I have to believe 

Until I let the song sing me 

Into submission

As long as I am struggling 

To keep my eyes 

Wide awake

The liquors Kiss 

Upon my lips 

Will not seal my fate.

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