A Time Bomb

Here I go again 

Round and round 

Up and down 

My sadness is heavy 

And I am sinking 




And then 

I am laughing

Bubbles of laughter bursting 

From my lips 

It tickles 

And I cannot stop 

It’s as if my heart 

Is filled with helium 

And it soars inside my chest 

I am as helpless 

As you are 

Watching me fly and crash 

A thousand times 

In ten minutes 

And every agonizing minute 

Feels absolutely real

How can I heal ? 

When I swing from high to low 

Like the pendulum on a clock 

I am a time bomb ticking 

And every tick tock 

Brings me closer to detonation 

The emotional disregulation as explosive 

 As pressurized gas 

The one thing I can count on 

Is that emotions never lasts 

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