A Patchwork Quilt – Part 2

I have had to cut many squares

From my patchwork quilt of people,

Who I thought sewed only love and light

Into my life.

There is no anger in my heart.

Forgiveness is part of growth.

My life began anew

When I learned the art of letting go

And that I cannot ration

My self respect and self compassion.

I see things now with clear, open eyes

As I re-asses and realize:

What must go will fall away

What really matters will remain.

You will not find meaningful relationships

On a one way street.

Make room in your life to meet

Who was meant to be.

My creations

Are often a manifestation

Of love and connection.

An intentional celebration

Of the unique relationships

That impacted me

On this beautiful journey, that is life.

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