A Kinetic Orchestra



Start – 



Away From my fears 

The drumsticks my heels 

Thrums a rhythm on the pavement 

Awash with amazement 

My bodies arrangement 

Just so !

Bagpipe lungs 

My breath is song

Leading the March 

Is my metronome heart

Inhale deflate 

Pump blood through my veins 

Go on and on and on 

My fingers batons

I am salt and sinew and muscle 

Electricity fires 

Calculate the miles

Find my pace 

Settle in 

Release my fists 


A kinetic orchestra

Heal grow heal grow

Heel to toe heel to toe

Let go 

The sun becomes my spotlight 

Tunnel vision

The side walk, my stage 

A cardio concert of one

My organs playing synchrony

Movement, a symphony

Jogging sprinting 

going on 

Release renew redeem

Fears aren’t as frightening as they seem 

My laces, sutures 



Into my future 

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