A Bouquet

They were a bouquet 

Of roses and sunflowers 


Arranged in a fashion 

Born out of passion 

And lust 

And broken trust 

Like a stained glass window

To the soul 

You don’t know the journey it took to make them

Whole –  

And still slightly Incomplete 

But ever searching 

Ever lurking 

For the comfort that everyone seeks 

It doesn’t make you weak to need the light of the sun 

Or to need someones 

Arms around you 

Bodies pressed 

Ever connected 


In a beautiful fashion 

Born out of passion 

True satisfaction

The distinct bittersweet taste 

Of a rose in a vase 

Upon who’s face

I gazed 

I fell in deep 

And dodged the thorns 

And a sunflower was born 

And if a sunflower cannot

Find the sun 

It will turn to

Another sunflower and

Share it’s light and I couldn’t find

One but I found you 

A rose 

And a friendship

Was sowed 


So different and yet 

The same 

Hearts familiar with the same


Broken and on fire and refused to be tamed 

I saw you and I never faltered 

Opposites attract 

Time forever altered.

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