6 Years Ago

6 years ago we embarked

on a journey

We could not complete

& I say we

Because we both felt

The responsibility bear down

Like a tidal wave

Or a thousand boulders

It rained shame,

Inside my soul

We were just buds

In the flower of one’s youth

& we did our best

To follow our truth.

Pressure affects everyone differently

but I saw it break first you

& then me, too.

We were wound together & yet thrust apart

by circumstance

So intricately complex and bittersweet.

A situation with an outcome

bursting with life, vitality, beauty, & joy

Yet also saturated with heartbreak & grief

How can the human heart contain both extremes,


It is paramount in these times

That we continue to challenge the thoughts

But honor the feelings

Acceptance brings healing

& God promises forgiveness

For our brokenness.

We got ourselves in

But we could not get ourselves out

This is what being a christian is all about

6 years ago we got in deep

We embarked on a journey we could not complete

But God keeps us in his hands

We were lost, but he had a plan

I couldn’t

You Couldn’t

But God CAN –

& he did against all odds

My hearts desire has come to be

My soul sings,

For he has set us free

We are pardoned, absolved, released

Now I have joy like a river

Inside of me

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