5 – 7 Business Days

A minor scrape

Will heal itself

Within 5 to 7 business days 

When you fracture a bone 

The minimum it takes is 6 to 8 weeks 

For that sucker to start to repair. 

It’s wondrous the way we constantly heal 


But I’ve somehow developed a

Serious lack of respect

For my body 

And how many times

Can you break something 

Before it refuses

To heal 

I’m already warped

Ans mutated with scar tissue 

And over active immune system 

They said 

Right on par really 

My body panicked and

Over compensated 

Just like my brain 

And my heart 

It could almost be art 

On my skin 

If you look just right 

But it feels like

yesterday my body gave its two weeks notice:

severe negligence and an abusive work Environment 

It was resilient, but high maintenance, 

But healing is what the body does 

So check back in 5 to 7 business days.

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