10 000 Hours

I imagine sometimes

How it unfolded

When God began to design

The intricate details of the inner workings of my mind.

Images flood my vision

Of soft humming and nimble fingers,

There is sadness that always lingers –

But I know I was made with love:

Signed, sealed, and approved Of.

I believe when a door is closed

A window might open.

I believe that you can be broken

and still have value.

That is the truth.


You DO deserve it.

Stop banging you head against the closed door,

If you cannot find a window,

Make a hole

In the wall.

The reality of it all is

You are facing the biggest fight of your life

Are you going to run away?

Or face and fight.

It is alright to be angry

at God or the world.

It IS hard and it does hurt

To have distorted thoughts

and such thin skin.

I was given the tools to learn

How to master my run away mind.

It is now time

That i learned how to use them

And make them mine

10 000 hours of practice makes one an expert

I will spend a lifetime learning

If thats what it takes.

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